Stream of Consciousness Newsletter

Past | Present | Future

What thoughts, images or memories come to mind when you read the three words above?

Which of the above words resonates most with you?

Are you reminded of an experience in your past?

Do you think of an experience you are going though right now in the present?

Do you envision something new in your future?

Without a doubt, there are times when we tend to dwell on how we handled past experiences or daydream about the future, but what about right now? How often do we actually live in the moment…In the PRESENT?

We tend to get so caught up in our daily lives that everything becomes a blur. Before we realize it, our present is our past, our future is happening right now, and we are still trying to play catch up. How can we focus on the present and truly enjoy our lives?

This is a question I often ask myself when I am racing through life trying to fit a weeks worth of responsibilities into only a couple days. I am trying to just “get through” each day rather than LIVE through the day. LIVING through our days… LIVING in the PRESENT can bring an abundance more satisfaction to our lives than blindly racing through life with the goal to complete all of our tasks.

Today, try bringing more awareness to your day… Stop from time-to-time, take a few deep breaths and actually look around your world. Embrace your experiences as well as your accomplishments in your day… .throughout your life. Begin to fully take in YOUR DAY. LIVE your PRESENT day.

Until next time…

Wishing You Inner Peace and Harmony,

Jodi Milstein