Musician Support


Are you a musician who has a desire to improve your professional and personal relationships?

Are you a band member who would like to learn how to communicate more effectively with other members of your group?

Are you a musician struggling with drugs or alcohol or concerned about someone else’s substance use?

Are you a spouse or significant other to a musician who needs support?

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Drawing upon nearly two decades of entertainment industry experience and insight from my previous career in the music industry, I now provide individual and group therapy to musicians and bands in an effort to help them improve their professional group dynamics and personal relationships.

Prior to my career as a licensed psychotherapist, I was a music industry executive and worked closely with established as well as developing artists of all genres of music.   I spent my music industry career working at a major record label for several years as well as in artist and band management.   I worked closely with musicians and bands in developing their careers through marketing and touring.    Throughout my career, I spent a great deal of time touring with artists and bands giving me an understanding of the rewards, challenges and demands life on the road presents for musicians and their families.   I witnessed firsthand many musicians and band members struggling in their professional and personal lives due to relationship issues, substance abuse, and communication difficulties.

Working with musicians at this level encouraged me to enter the field of Clinical Psychology.   While continuing to work in the music industry, I embarked upon my own journey to earn a Master of Arts degree in Clinical Psychology with an emphasis on Marriage and Family Therapy.

Now as a licensed psychotherapist, I currently work with musicians, artists, and bands by integrating my firsthand knowledge and insight of the music industry with the valuable education and experience I have gained as a clinical psychologist.   Please be assured, I take confidentiality very seriously and respect my clients’ privacy whether they are public figures or non-public figures.

Please feel free to contact me should you, a musician, band or significant other need support. 818.623.7222 or